Friday, September 12, 2008


oh to be a fly on the wall during the
alma awards at this house tonight.
it is still on.
andy and i are taking a break.
questions asked:
why are all the white people painted brown? (they put a lot of bronzer on) winona and the white cheetah girl too. (hint: tanning is out of style, if you are white, just be white--you'll be happy about it when you are fifty.
is that a baby bump? me...about eva l p.
linda ron..whatever is mexican?
do what???
why did they not give me an alma? i stayed in mexico for two weeks one time..(andy) and he got searched as if he were a mexican when he got off the plane too--ya'll have seen andy. :)
why does each award have a corporate sponsor? i'm tired of that!
why do some women pass through menopause unphased and others end up like linda ron-whatever, now, i love her too, i am just a worrier, and my genes do not bode well in that dept.

people we are in love with:
andy: the mariachi singing girl, and of course, shakira
me: the jury is out
cheech marin? carlos mencia?--basically brown men are my favorite, and if they are funny, it's a plus.

well actually, we are both in love with him, and we are love sick, without cable we cannot see him :(.

i was just singing blue bayou to myself the other day... me.

have a great weekend!

here is the song i listened to on the way to work this week...

i love this song!
enjoy it bethany, i know you are listening ;).--oh i am still listening, and it is not the whole song...i will find it an post it later, still good music though


Bethany said...

You know it! And I'm also enjoying the Andy-Susan commentary :) (thinking about how my mom still calls him Andian) :)

Bethany said...

Forgot to tell you, I have a neighbor that could be Cheech's twin. I will try to take a pic out the window next time he walks his dogs... Spy B. And I have a girl crush on Shakira.