Sunday, September 21, 2008


Here is a slideshow, of four pictures of the past week.
I had more that I wanted to use, but I only used these.
Gosh, it is Sunday night, and I am tired! :!
What am I going to do tomorrow?

I sat down to do this, and Elena has just piped up, crying.
So, this might end in just a minute.

Butterfly update: The coccoon broke open and out came the big, beautiful butterfly. There are two pictures of that.
We have one coccoon left.
Weekend: We went to the beach cottage. My sister and her two children were there, and my parents. Fun. Chaotic. Wind. Sand. Huge Waves.
There is a picture of my sister, with my children and her children, and Andy.
We flew kites, which was fun. I think Andy enjoyed that more than the children.
The other picture is of Elena sleeping with a book. She sleeps with books! The other night Andy told me to go and get this picture. Love it!
That's all my news....
Just off to work again tomorrow. This week I get to spend three evenings at my school for "parent participation" nights. We have three grade levels, so we have three nights for parent involvement. I get to go all three nights, from what I understand, "to help out." ;).
Andy is real happy about this. ;)
I hope all the folks out there whose children go to school appreciate the fact that the people who picked this as our jobs have to spend so much time at the school.
I always think about that scene in "it's a wonderful life" when he is frustrated and he calls the teacher to fuss her out b/c his little girl got sick b/c the teacher did not put her coat on. Then later on, the teacher's husband punches him in the eye, or knocks him in the head or something (him=the jimmy stewart character).

Okay good night, and have a great week! :)

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Bethany said...

=) Yes. All teachers receive the bow and nod from me! Though I am so sick of 2nd grade homework...

I didn't realize Lara had 2 kiddos - you'll have to catch me up on stuff like that. :)