Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is great!

The L!mited now has clothes available online.
This is my favorite store to buy pants from!!
Used to, when you went to the website, it was just general info about L!mited brands, you could not shop or buy.

Now, one must understand that the only places to shop here are G**dy's, B$lK's and the super-terrible W@l-M#rt. I don't even like to shop, but I need four pairs of pants for work.

So, this is exciting. :)

Butterfly update:
The butterfly that came from the teeny coccoon, --was deformed.
It came out with only four legs, and no hind end. :(
So, I started with 4 caterpillars. We ended up with ONE Butterfly. Well, two, but one was pitiful. :(
My mama was right! Leave mother nature alone. "Leave the d@mn worms outside!"--is what she would have said. :)..and with good reason.

--Oh,and the teacher's have good luck, maybe, b/c mother nature gives them a "you're teaching" pass. ;)

Off to a meeting!!

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Bethany said...

=) gotcha. nothing beats online shopping from Lil' Wash! Enjoy! :)