Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have already written about Thursday being my favorite day.
The Cosby show used to come on etc. etc.
Well, my thing to look forward to this time is Ugly Be!!y!
Tonight when Andy and I were watching it, I realized, once again
how cool it is that spouses pick up the slack for one another.
When Betty agreed to rent an apt. sight unseen b/c the
realtor said it was, "just like this one." (the one she wanted that
was move-in ready but got rented to someone else)
I was like hell yeah Betty--smart girl.
Andy said, "she is going to do that without seeing it?"
I said, "well the realtor just said it is just like the one they are standing
in, that is lucky, she got the apt. she wanted."
Next scene:
Betty opens the door to the apt. and it is in terrible shape!
Even though we drive eachother crazy...we keep eachother in check, for sure. ;)
Without Andy's wiles, I would have probably ...bought way more stupid stuff that doesn't work that I was conned into etc. etc. etc.
(Even though, typically, I am the outspoken one....hmmm???)

Nightie, Night...I am off to sleep with my three year old--fun stuff--the toddler bed-sharing. :)


Anonymous said...

Yo quiero Fao Betty!! (I hope that's right, I need to practice!!)

Oh yay, I am so glad someone else watched!!!

Yeah, I was with Andy. I was like "Oh no Betty!! Don't do it!"
I love "Ugly Betty"-it was so fun being at that stage-starting work, making friends, getting an apartment! I LOVE her attitude!

How mean was Lindsay Lohan!

And the two guys are gone like that?!! I was so over Henry though!

Why is Hilda's boyfriend still married? Of COURSE she is going to like the new neighbor! (I never had a cute neighbor by the way!)

Betty rocks!! I love seeing her succeed!!

PS I read Ralph Macchio is making an appearance--yay!!!!!

Bethany said...

Must be natural male suspicion? I take people at their word... and fall into cr@p all the time! :-) Love tv premier month...