Saturday, September 27, 2008

Promised Commentary

Wasn't it hilarious to see Obama actually laughing and chuckling to himself in response to some of the things that McCain was saying?
For example when McCain called him, "like George Bush."?
Obama was just laughing...
Wasn't it interesting to listen to the political commentary afterwards when people actually found legitimate compliments to the political rhetoric and right wing fluff statements that John McCain kept spewing forth?
I mean how did they actually find any merit in it? Maybe you have to belong to the GOP to understand how a question about our nation's deficit renders the response, "I am not miss congeniality" and is considered to be worthy of a comment. Well, now, considering he is a man, I would say that is certainly true on all kinds of levels.
Wasn't it great to hear Barack Obama saying things that made sense...these have been 8 veerrryyyy long years for me, I don't know about ya'll....

The pictures are of my coconut macaroons that I made today.
Who knew that wax paper and parchment paper were not the same thing?
--not me--
So the oven was smoking...the macaroons stuck...
but we fixed them and put chocolate on top of them.
Elena had a wonderful time licking the chocolate!

Now, I am going to make couscous y shrimp..that Andy likes, y have some wine???
Well, that depends on whether I feel like going to food lion to get some.

YAY Saturday!


Bethany said...

Yep - 8 long years of saying WTH was he SAYING?? And finally, a fresh breath of concise FACTS and FIGURES - hallelujah, people get on board!
Ha! Another friend & I recently had the same wax vs. parchment issue!! Too funny... and those look very yummy :)

Susan said...

I was using my GW Amercin when I published that post this it again...maybe it makes sense now. ;).