Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a new ride!

This past weekend, in addition to having a major sinus infection and a party at my house, I went to Raleigh to buy a new car!
I had to go to Raleigh b/c the car I picked out was a Saab (a car I have always wanted) and I found it at Carm@X.
The old car was the one my Daddy bought me when Andy and I got married.
It had tons of miles, chipped paint on the front bumper, an oil leak....the list goes on.
So, Andy and I decided it was time for another car.

Here is a pic. of the new Mami car:

The one at the top is of Luna in the old car :(.
Yes. I was emotionally attached to this car. So, yesterday when Andy and I had to drive back to Raleigh to take the title and get a check for it, I had to pause to say goodbye and thank-you to the car.
I was TERRIFIED to show the new ride to my parents esp. my Daddy who is anti-buy stuff especially when the Great Dep. #2 is coming!! YIKES!
He was actually excited for me though. I HAD to show them b/c I had to go over there to get the car title, which my Mama has had in the lock box (a safe at the bank in a room) since I got married!

If my Daddy thought more like ole GW he would have been excited b/c I am saving the US economy by buying stuff...;)

At any rate, the new car does not hop, leak oil, etc.
We are all excited!

Off to watch another debate....

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Bethany said...

An exciting week - love the car! Some serious stylin' in Lil' Wash... you don't look very local anymore ;-)