Monday, October 13, 2008


On Saturday I had a fun selling stuff party.
Normally, I would never hava a selling stuff party.
I really don't mind going to these, but having one...
no thanks.
"come to my house and buy stuff so I can get free stuff"... just ..not my thing
BUT ;)
When we lived in Graham my friend Lisa (co-worker) would have these.
I LOVED them.
The lady comes and sets up CLOTHES.
Then, all the friends at the party get to have
fun trying on cool clothes with you.

The party was GREAT!
Wine, yummy food (Morgan, you would have been proud)
My only problem with people coming over to party is how clean
I have to have my house.
It seems like I live like Ros@nne Barr, and then when I want to have a party
my standards are like Bree Vandecamp (De$per@te h-wives).
(Both probably an exagerration, but don't try telling me that when you are helping
me clean the house for the party)

Here are the pics:

Now, I will not be having another one of these parties.
It was a one-time deal
My sister-in-law is going to have one! She wanted more clothes and she wanted to get them half off (smart girl)--

Oh, and I took all the food out of the celophane etc. ;)
That picture was for my aunt, to show her that I use all my depression glass stuff
that she and my family got Andy and me for our wedding. ;)

Today was a sick day for me.
My sinuses got so bad that my face hurt so I had to go to the Dr. to get antibiotics.
(My trick did not work after all Melissa! )

Off to get Victor...


Anonymous said...

I have been doing Claritin or generic Claritin and it's going great :)

Hope you feel better!

Bethany said...

:-) Houses are tricky that way. Whenever company is coming, my carpet suddenly looks like seagulls have been flying over, dropping business... I'm sure yours was neat as a pin, w/ shiny depr. glass ready to go :)

That sounds like fun! Haven't seen a clothes party!
(i responded to your last comment - over yonder)