Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today I got home earlier than usual. :) Big smile. I went to get Victor--from my mama's house. Andy went to get Elena--from his mama's house. My mama sent spaghetti to eat. Andy's mama sent crab meat and angel hair pasta. Yay again. :) Here is a picture of the yummy crab meat (from the crab pot off the pier at Pat and Ned's) Here is a picture of my children eating the crab meat: Here is a picture of the yummy pasta we made with the tomatoes and the basil and chives that are still hanging on in our garden: I would like to post a video, here is an attempt:
Now, after my attempt to post a video all of this stuff put itself out of order. So, this blog might not be reader-friendly. My conversation with Elena tonight when she was using the bathroom (she likes company). **mama, those are storm clouds..i think if you eat them your stomach would get upset **you think? What about if you eat the white puffy ones?
**they would make your stomach all better.
So cute it was!!! I know lots of kids talk about eating does not diminish the sweetness when it comes from your own child, though. ;)

Alright, here goes nothing! Oh, it told me that the video is still uploading itself, so I get to ramble on.

The video is of Elena explaining that she wants a puppy. She saw one today at her nana's house, (a neighbor's?) We have been explaining all evening how a puppy is just as much work as a baby, but they cannot wear diapers, so it might make the house stink. Of course, she does not care! :)

This video thing is seeming a bit sketchy. The other child is a neighbor. She is six, and she comes to play all the time. A dream, by the way. She has demonstrated the importance to Elena of
1. putting on one's own clothes y shoes (you get the swing first)
2. riding a tricycle, fast
3. doing cart wheels and flips
4. reading--E does not read, of course, but she loves to pretend
5. swing tricks..jumping out etc.
Kids love to see the big kids doing stuff, and since Elena is the oldest, she does not have that example, well until now.

On to politics... The debate last night was hilarious, otra vez.
Mc's suit coat was ill-fitting, which got on my nerves.
The button looked like it was going to pop off at any minute!
I loved it when O said to Mc "i think one of the wheels just fell off the straight talk express" super funny!
That was about all I got out of it. I am sick of hearing them. If people can't pick the smart guy right now...god help us all!
Okay, it just messed up all of my spacing...

Attn Betsy: As I wait Andy is talking up your man--the other Mc!
Yikes I say, and he says I need to come and listen to the debate..
Now, I have to go and explain how if that guy wins I will not have a job
b/c he thinks we should all just send our kids to private school! ;)
JK Betsy.


Anonymous said...

yay! New blog and cute video! I need to figure that out!

Bethany said...

Susan! This post is just chock full 'o' fun! The video worked great, and the bonus Victor hiney made e laugh. Like I don't see enough booty around here - but nothing is cuter! :)
Good luck with the anti-puppy discussions
Totally agree about the debate. I'm all done. No more please. If you can't make up your mind, just don't vote so you don't screw it up for the rest of us...
PS I will stop reading when my child starts liking the car. Please God.