Tuesday, November 11, 2008

this n that

We have had a fun day off today!
whew...we needed it!

Here are a bunch of pictures, with explanations to follow below. Putting a picture, and then the comment directly beneath, is an effort that I do not feel like making right now.


Two of the pictures are from Halloween. Our friend Laura Beth had a party with super decorations!
The other one is of my kiddies in front of her house.
The others are from today.
We played on the computer. We made a chocolate cake.
Elena and I went out to get a gift for a new baby. We went to the Hallmark shop. It is fun to go there to me b/c there is a lot of stuff to look at, that you mostly would never buy...but who does not love a glittery snow globe that plays music and lights up? I mean...that is magic to a kid. ;). So we looked at all the stuff there for an hour. Then we bought one of the things that you mostly would not buy...a gingerbread house that lights up and plays the nutcracker suite, and then, b/c three year-olds do not understand the calender (like mall management and w@lm@r! powers-that-be) we went straight home an set the gingerbread house in the dining room! With the pumpkins-who would feel slighted for sure if they were removed before it is even thanksgiving. yay!!! Fun!

Now, we are going to deliver this chocolate cake to people so that I will not eat it.
Andy does not really eat cake. Elena and Victor...not really either (just the icing). So, I make one and take it to people. My daddy--who is a fellow cake eater. Andy's grandma--who is just so sweet that she would never say she did not want the cake. ;). She is teeny--so I know she does not eat much of anything these days.
okay...I am off to cut up cake.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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Bethany said...

I am still trying to figure out what Victor was dressed up as: 1. a Pilgrim 2.a pirate 3.a magician
4.George Washington

But very glad to see that he hangs out naked a lot. :)

I certainly did enjoy the pics - what a fun day off. Bring me some cake, por favor.