Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today was busy as he!!

Get up at 6:25--shower
pick out clothes for kids

work, work work, work, work.
meet after work...3:30-5:00--with the principal.

Andy to class--feed kids/bathe them/books/bottle/bed--alone (mission completed 7:15)
Complete special education phone call reminders to parents and paperwork until 8:00.

Mandatory stop time--8:00.
Reason: Ugly Betty comes on!

Everyone in my house knows this.
Andy and I watch it together.

My commentary for this week:
wasn't the part where the camera went out from her mouth and the screen went black except from her mouth cool?
i don't want to think it, but is there a ross and rachel situation going on with daniel and betty?
part of me would like for this to happen--i get sick of the whole stick figure died blonde hair thing...yuck.
does daniel think he can't go for an "ugly" girl.
right now he is into the other guy's girl (the stick figure blond)
meanwhile he seems really --in his heart and mind --interested in the ugly one.
maybe it is cool to watch betty and her boy escapades--with the deli boy etc.

That show is just good to me..
Ay que escape from a 13 hour day of doing stuff for everyone else, and really, nothing for me. :). (except earning a paycheck, one might argue)

Lucky to have an escape as well, I realize. Some women (many actually) might get a nightly beating and have to put up with drunk people or screaming children all night.
Yes. I am a realist.


Anonymous said...

I love Ug Betty! I unfortuatnely missed most of it. I LOVED Seeing Ralph Macchio! I keep wondering about Daniel/Betty too--I LOVE GIO! :) His sandwiches sound yummy too!

Bethany said...

See, now I know how you feel about my Twilight posts - b/c I am not an UB viewer. Just can't give up Daily Show reruns at 8pm. But, I read your UB posts and vaguely wish I understood. :) Most everyone I know is into it, but somehow I was late for the train.
Have an awesome, calm, Friday!