Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashback Friday

This picture is of Victor last year at this time.
He had just finished nursing.
We still lived in our house in Graham, which I still miss b/c it was the perfect house.
I called this the nurse-nurse face. He would nurse and then he would be pink and sleepy and I loved his chubby cheeks! He would throw his arm back like that and get into relax mode. :)
So sweet.

A funny: Every year for years-about five? Andy and I sing, "o holy night." at Christmas time, together. It is so fun and so hilarious!! We cannot sing and we both love to sing that song (it is loud, and your lungs fill up with air as you get ready to scream out parts of the song--well that is what people who cannot sing do anyway, hee hee). The first time we ever did it we were driving back to our house in Durham from somewhere and we started to sing that song, and we cracked up. So we just kept trying to sing it and get, "better and better" at it. We had our annual concert tonight in the kitchen. Victor and Elena love it. They do not get scared (that is what I would expect, as it sounds terrible) they laugh and laugh too!

Mas funny:
I am going to add a funny blog over to my list. When it gets there--check it out.
It is a spoof of blogging mommies, particularly to ones, I guess, who do not bother to spell correctly, and who are always blogging about their, "blessed" lives.
FUNNY! Thanks Bethany, --yep she found it first.

y'all have a good weekend! :)

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Bethany said...

What is better than warm, pink, milk-dribbly baby cheeks?? Nothing, I say! That is a sweet pic.
Seriously, so sweet! teehee ;-)