Monday, December 15, 2008

A full day

This post should have been done, well COULD have been done on Saturday. It is about Saturday.

When we woke up we went to see Tryon Palace. A recreation of a governor's mansion from the colonial times. When I was in seventh grade we went there and it was just gorgeous! So, I wanted to see it again.
It is a cool place to go, esp. if you are a history nerd (I am). However, someone has decided that the decorations were not authentic and so they no longer decorate liek they used to. These were all handmade wreaths with fruit and stuff...beautiful, and not plastic. No lights...just colonial seeming. (Turns out I guess they were not, or either they got tired of making all that stuff).

Then on the way home Andy and I split a frisco burger from H@ard**s. Those things are so d@mn good to me! They are huge so they are for splitting for sure.

On the way home Andy mentioned wanting oysters. When we lived in Durham we went out to eat oysters at a bare-bones restaurant downtown called f!shmongers. Fun Place. We got served oysters. We sat, ate, and left the mess there. Here, we have to cook them ourselves. There are places to eat oysters but we 1.don't know them, and 2. can't haul kids there. So, we rounded up all the stuff we needed. Then my daddy and Andy's parents came over and ate oysters.
It is funny to watch people eat cook-out style. My daddy was eating the oysters as if they were peanuts. snap pop, snap pop. no crackers. no horseradish. no butter. It was like a race. Cute.
The rest of us were popping them getting a cracker or bread and some horseradish or hot sauce and eating a cracker.
My children ran around and played the whole time and had a blast.

When we came in we sat down to relax. Parents were gone. Kids were in bed. I was just about to lament our lack of cable and I turned it to NB( and there was "Its a Wonderful LIfe" Which happens to be one of the only movies that I can watch every year. I love that movie! God, I do. :) My favorite scene: When Mary leans over the pharmacy counter and asks George if that is his bad ear, and then she says, "George, I love you. George Bailey, I'll love you til the day I die" I just love that scene. Little girl crushes are so sweet.
Andy and I watched that movie even with the commercials. And, of course, after you watch it your husband is your george bailey and you are his mary hatch--of course! :). Sweet.

I am posting pictures. I do not know where they will put themselves. Will they actually be a size that y'all can even see??? hmmm???

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Bethany said...

Your blog self-creates unusual photo arrangements :) Mm-hmm, oyster picking time! (though I am guilty of being the only beaufortian that does not eat them... sorry) What sort of headgear is Andy wearing?! haha
I remember seeing Tryon Palace long ago, too. I love that kind of stuff. Fun weekend, eh!