Friday, December 19, 2008

ready to go!!!

I am sitting at my desk.
No, they do not pay me to blog. :)
BUT, I am soooo ready to go home!
All of the children have left.
Now, we have to wait for the buses to return from their routes b/c it is inevitable that some children will return in the buses b/c no one was waiting for them at the bus stop.
We might be here until 2:00 is what I have been told.

Last night we had Elena's Christmas program at school/church (pre-school).
She was Mary. So cute! :)
I took a short video so Andy can watch it when he gets home.
After we all got in bed everyone started coughing.
Victor coughed until he vomited all over himself and me!!
He likes to be in his crib, though, so after some water and cough syrup he went back to bed.
Elena then crawled over to sleep on top of me, and she had a fever too.
So, who did not sleep last night?

I think the last time Andy went out of town last spring when we still lived in Graham both of my children had the throw up virus and they attacked me at once.
Then this time, the same thing.
This is one of the reasons he decided to change careers--out of town/puking/missing Christmas programs.

I will post pictures in a while of Elena with her sweet little costume on! :)
She looked like a miniature nun.

I guess I will go and do some planning for after the break now.
Or maybe I will just stare at these nice cinder block walls painted dingy beige...


Anonymous said...

Christmas plays and being sick right before Christmas (usually around play night) totally reminds me of being a kid!!! :)

Bethany said...

Oh, ick. Sorry the yucks got the kids... But I'm so glad you get a long break!! And am looking forward to Elena as Mary. :)