Friday, December 19, 2008

picture party, picture party

Picture this...
Do y'all watch M!ckey mou$se clubhouse?
Hee hee.
We did when we had cable. :)
Elena always called pete, "peke"

Here are the pics:
One is of the tamales I got today from the babysitter.
She (the babysitter) does not make them. The tamale lady does. Then the tamale lady brings them to the babysitter to sell, and SOMETIMES we manage to get some.
They are sooooo good! We all love them.
The others are of E in her Mary costume! :)
She was totally full of herself :)

picture this...


Melissa and Pete said...

I am loving the Mary costume and your son is so cute brushing his hair in that pic with her. LOVE it.

Bethany said...

So full of herself indeed! That is great... and her sidekick, Thomas the Wise King Train? ;-)
Yum... tamales... my babysitter only leaves messes.