Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This post is going to be presented, once again, from my soap box.

I was just watching the V!ew and J@mie F0xx was up there talking about whatever he is selling these days.
Well, he started talking about how he likes "independent women." I thought, "okay he is trying to sound progressive or something" (not that anyone needs to do that it is 2008)
BUT then he went on to say, "da women dese days is working paying dey own ways buying dey own stuff, I like dat, I want a lady who will take me out"
..all I could think was, "and raise your kids, and....cook for you, and clean up after your lazy ass..." (the list goes on and on)
Now, I have no problem with the independent women thing.
My family has been full of us for three generations--women who graduated from college etc. even since 1915 or something.
BUT a woman's being independent is not a man's reason to be lazy piece of shit.
If I am independent it is so that I can care for my children, and myself.
Not buy a man some food at a restaurant b/c he prefers it that way.
I was just disgusted by this.

Now it should be remembered that i work closely with children and their families, which usually means their MAMAS and their grandparents. Most of the children I work with report to me regularly that, "i aint got no deddy, he iN jail" or, "i on know who my daddy is" or "my deddy got so many kids he can't ford buy me no shoe"

BUT j@mie fOxx is promoting, "independent women" b/c that is what he likes.
I think most of these women would love for some man to take some responsibility, be a dad, and get a fucking job. --ha!--
What a fUcking joke!

Maybe I should send Mr. Foxx a list of some of the impoverished little boys I work with who don't have a dad, or hardly any food, who were all excited about santa claus, who probably won't get shit for christmas.
I wonder if he would be attracted to any of their, "independent" mamas....hmmmm???

Merry Christmas! :)--I am off to put my soap box BEHIND the christmas tree, and maybe i wont get it out again until after the new year. :)

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Bethany said...

Uh-huh. Mmm-hmm. Damn girl, you make me want to say True dat... and I sound utterly ridiculous when I say True dat. :)