Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Here are some pictures of our day so far:

So far two of the most wanted toys have been dudds--they came out of their boxes not working. Of course I have no receipt.
How could a believer in Murphy's law such as myself not keep receipts?
Let's see, the most fun toy--the play doh, of course! Always. :)
(also the cheapest)
Everytime a situation like this arises I sing to myself..."tis a gift to be simple..."
We had a nice ham lunch with peas and collards--out of someone's garden both veggies, and they were yummy! :)
The ham was sweet, though, and I am a salty-country ham girl myself.
This evening my sister and her two children are coming and we can have some fun with cousins.

Here is a picture of the sweetest gift so far:

OUr babysitter gave me a doily that was hand-embroidered. So sweet. The gift box was a goldfish box, and I immediately thought, "she is giving me a gag gift of an empty box of crackers!" Which would have been funny to me. Sometimes I am slack about bringing food for my children.
But no, it was a sweet gift with a sweet note.

The things I remember from Christmas that are my favorite are 1. rides to look at lights
2.a brown bag with nuts and fruit that we used to get at church every year when we went to do our Christmas program

What I will remember from this year?
The smile on Elena's face the other night when she came running across the yard at my cousin's house to check out a yard decoration (one of those snowglobe ones)
Victor saying "ho ho ho"

Merry Christmas-- :)!


Anonymous said...

I like the snowman! Merry Christmas! My update will be up sometime! :)

Bethany said...

Hey cuties! Ah yes, the wonder of Playdough. Always works! Never malfunctions! :) We had 2 bum toys last Christmas... that really sucks. You're looking cheery & well - and quite a nifty snowman builder. :)