Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ocho anyos! :)

Today is mine and Andy's anniversary!
The day we got married it snowed a little.
It was so cold.
What a sweet day! :)

I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE A WEDDING! I have always gone to them and thought--how embarrassing, how prepostorous (that is definitely not spelled correctly). I could not imagine, from the time I was a little girl, putting on a big, puffy, shiny white dress and walking down the center of the church with my Dad for him to GIVE ME AWAY!--i just always thought that was so --embarrassing! And kissing someone in front of my family--HELLO! YUck!
But then, when Andy and I were engaged my mama informed me that you really don't do everything b/c you want to. She said that some things like that you do for other people who want to watch. i.e. your family.
So a wedding we did have. It was excellent! I loved it. Simple of course.
She also insisted that we do the feeding eachother thing (another thing I had always dreaded) and the leg thing--garter or whatever--But Andy took that off in the hall of the church--not in front of everyone. :)

To celebrate? WE are going to go out to eat somewhere here in town. There are places we have not been b/c we do not get to go out much. :)
Then we are going to.....
Clean the rugs! YAY! we are going to rent a rug cleaner and get down to business. :)
Believe it or not, Andy and I actually have fun doing stuff like this. :)

Okay--off to hold babies.


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Bethany said...

:) I was wondering about Your Big Day - that is funny.
Many happy years to you & yours, mi amiga!