Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here is a song from the time when Andy and I got married.

The other one I wanted to post was Destiny's child, Independent Women--that is also from the same time (the song from Charlie's Angels)
Beyoncee has that one blocked from being embedded or something.
So here is a little treat. :)

Gross out alert:
Today at Food Lion I saw something so GROSS!!
There was a car that had been lifted up on big tires/rims etc.
It was an old Chevy or Oldsmobile or something.
Anyway, the rear axle was exposed and hanging from the Axle was a pair of
DISGUSTING I say! Is this supposed to be a chick magnet of some sort?
Newsflash..B@!!$ are DISGUSTING TO LOOK AT! :)
So ugghhh...why would someone want them hanging from the back of their car??

Variety is the spice of life I guess.

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Melissa and Pete said...

The song that was popular on our honeyommon was Golddigger by Kanye and Jamie Foxx. Because the Carribgean people love Kanye.

I just realized that sounds bad but I am not a golddigger. LOL.

Happy 2009 :)