Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coffee with bullets

*Do y'all watch "wife swap?" There was the meanest guy on there last night. He was so mean to the lady who went to stay at their house! Ugh...I felt so sorry for his wife, and she looked embarrassed! BTW that is a good show. Andy and I watch it--Friday night fun. ;). He thought he was so smart (intelligent), and had such a great "world view"--He need a good a** kickin in my opinion. His poor children were watching their grown father treat another adult as if she were a lesser being...yuck. Now, I am mouthy--But once when I was little, I got my a** beat for calling someone f@t on the bus, and I learned--keep it shut, don't say hurtful things or you might get hurt. Also, becoming an adult has taught me --really we should just be nice to just about everyone--
Do y'all watch that?

**"I ba as hell" Victor has been saying something like this a lot lately. It cracks me up. It is usually after he does something great--like reach something or turn on the lamp or buckle his seat. Well, I was wondering who taught him to say, "I'm bad as hell"? I know some people think it's cute to teach two year olds little sm@rt A$$ things like that to say--but not us. Andy and I just could not figure it out.
Then *ding* I got it. He is saying, "all by myself" Like...I reached that All by myself. :)

***I really want to share the part about cows from the book I read with y'all, but ...I have resisted b/c really you might not want to read it. If I just cannot help myself--well I will put a warning in the title.

****The baby moved yesterday for the first time--that I could feel, vamos.

*****I am going to buy a couple Valentines today. YAY. I love Valentine's DAy. So sweet. I even totally buy into all the comercial crap...conversation hearts, funny cards, etc. I am giving Valentines at school--b/c at Christmas I did nothing for no one. ;). I make home made cards with glitter etc. for my mama, daddy, andy, etc.

PUes, es todo. Have a great Saturday--I'm off to clean the toilet--I wish I had another one to clean (we only have one bathroom).

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