Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops

Okay, so the store gymbor** has this thing called gymbuck$. At certain times of the year they hand them out, according to how much money any one person spends. Then, at another certain time the folks that have them can redeem them.
For every $50 dollars one spends there is a $25 dollar discount.
I have never gotten gymbuck$, but I can tell you that I have gotten pi$$ed several times when I have been buying $75 dollars worth of irresistable (not spelled right) gear for a sweetie and I hear the sales clerk saying to the customer in front of me, "wow you saved blah blah b/c of your gymbuck$ today"
I have also gotten ill in the store and had attitude about this before (embarrassing).
So, this January I FINALLY got my hands on some of those buck$! Once you are in, you are in apparently. Now, they notify me when I can get some more, and they called me at home to remind me to come and cash them in.
It was definitely worth it.
By this time of the year all those clothes from the one stash we bought in the fall starts to look--rough.
My laundry style does not help much. I am not too concerned with manchas/fading/shrinking etc. It goes in stinky and it comes out smelling good. :)

Anyway--I got a bunch of good stuff for 50 bucks and Elena was so darn cute in this outfit the other day. That is her Hello Kitty tablet/journal under her arm, and she is making her sassy picture pose face BTW.

YAY! :)


Bethany said...

Very sassy E! I bet she "writes" in that notebook like 2 little girls I know. You've been busy - a baby ticker... how handy for those of us with sucky memory :) I haunt Gymb. now & then but have yet to score some buck$... such a deal.

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

LOVE the outfit...I need to know how to get those bucks...I love GYM clothes...but it is too expensive Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

WOW, can't believe you are already at week 15! Are you gonna find out the sex?? If so, keep me posted!!!!