Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Holler singing

Let me preface by saying that a critique of the music at the inauguration--is just that, nothing more.

I did not enjoy Aretha Frankl!n singing, "My Country 'tis of Thee."
As I thought would be the case when I heard she was going to sing, she did what I have started to call, "holler singing"
Holler singing is something I do not understand.
Now, if you remember my Dec. post about mine and Andy's Christmas concert, we frequently holler sing at our concert. This is because we cannot carry the tune without hollering--calling up all the air from the nether regions of our lungs and belting out something like the song.
Somehow I doubt that Aretha Frankl!n needs to holler sing.
Everyone knows that she can carry a tune.

Why do people holler sing?
It sounds terrible. It ruins beautiful music.
So many things about yesterday gave me chills, and made my heart skip beats.
When ARetha turned my stomach.

She started out, "my count" and then "ry tis of thee"
Couldn't she at least have planned the dramatic breath for the end of the word, "country?" Is there really a need for a dramatic breath on the SECOND SYLLABLE OF A SONG?

Is holler singing meant to:
1. emphasize someone's vocal ability?
2. emphasize the emotion one is feeling in singing a given song?
3. make the song last and last?

When people holler sing their own original music...hey, I say, go for it.
Who knows how the song would sound otherwise?
But don't holler sing "My Country tis of Thee" It just ruins the song.

(BEtsy, I am thinking maybe Meredith can help me out with this one) :)

Other commentary:
Those Obama girls are too cute!
When our dear President gave that fabulous speech and then he hugged ole bushie Andy and I both remarked, that bush was probably thinking to himself, "damn he can really make a speech, he's a smart fella, I wish I could make one like that."
We laughed.
I love it that Michelle Obama has a figure---with curves and legs and that she is tall.

The media has beaten this dead horse to a pulp! The media ruins everything.
HOw many times have y'all heard the story about the moving in and out of the stuff in the white house?
Good lord!--I think we need cable. ;).

Or, to stop watching TV. ;).

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Bethany said...

What a day, watching Cole's future father-in-law all day long... did I tell you I am betrothing Cole to Sasha Obama? Totally bringing back arranged marriages. Yeah, holler singing works for me. Nothing else good to call it, and really, the woman can sing. So just SING. One of my favorite parts was how Mr. & Mrs. Pres. got out of the car early, to walk the street and greet everyone. I loved that. Michelle looked great, what a striking woman. A great day has dawned Susan! A great day! ;-)