Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun in the Snow

Here are some pictures of us in the snow this morning.
We had to go out at 9:45. :) Andy and I are just as excited about playing in the snow as our children are. This is fortunate. If one of us were a grouch about snow our children would not have a parent a piece to put back on the mittens etc.
But with kids, you know, you have to go out in spells, so we came in in about 30 minutes.
The clothes are dry and ready for the next outing.
Right now the wind is blowing about 25 mph and the snow is blowing too, so it is not really comfortable out there.
Victor is not fond of lots of clothes, so I had to take him out and let it snow on his head to convince him that, yes, he would need a hat in the snow. Eventually he even let me put on his hood!
He is sooooooo stubborn! :)
The snow is just so magical.
Andy and I are drinking coffee and watching all the happenings in Washington DC.
It is so exciting.
Andy commented yesterday how different this love fest is than GW's motercade getting egged as he left the inauguration in 2001.
Different indeed.
Robin Roberts has the first interview with Obama tonight. Yay! I love her, she has always been one of my favorites.
Okay, I am off to eat some sort of snack...hmmm what will it beeeee???...

Have fun in the snow to all the NC folks. Bethany, is it snowing there?

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Bethany said...

Great pictures!!! What a rare treat. No snow for us... though it's cold enough. I know just how Victor is :) and practical lessons work best - let 'em get cold & figure it out. Have a great rest of the day - enjoying the time off & all the inaugural festivities. What a day... :))