Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm lovin it!

This morning when I staggered into the living room and cut on the TV, the weather just happened to be on.
The weather lady said, "it is going to snow tomorrow we should expect 3-6 inches."
Just like that.
Now, usually we hear something like, "it might snow." or, "we might see a couple flurries." or "you never know we might get a dusting of the white stuff."
People just don't commit to snow here--even less than in the piedmont--this is a different climate/growing zone.
Soooo....I thought..Is this the local channel?
Yes. It was.

Then, while ago while I was cooking soup the phone rang and the school announcement came on that said, "even though tomorrow is a work day, teachers stay at home."
This is great!

This also tells me that the powers that be around here have some sense in their heads.
I mean I have always thought it was so dumb to expect people to go out and test their ovaries and wreck their cars to get to work. I mean who am I fooling?--I can drive in snow--as a matter of fact, no one can--in places where it snows all the time THEY PLOW THE SNOW AND ICE OFF OF THE ROAD!! :)
So kudos to the powers that be.
I would not have been there anyway, probably--I do not make enough money in one day to fix a totaled car, and one should always be logical about money, seriously.

Now, let's see if we get a glimpse of some of the white stuff...I love snow days!! God I do!! :)

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