Saturday, January 17, 2009

how sick?


A monster bug hit our house. Victor was bitten first. He vomited and had diarhea for five or six days and acted like he felt awful. (which for an almost two-year old that means he really felt bad)
Then, it was my turn.
I have been sick since TUESDAY! Usually a stomach bug lasts a day, right? 24 hour bug.
No. My stomach is pure mush. My entire GI tract.

So I have been reading. First I finished La Reina del Sur. A sappy novel that my mama bought for me for christmas about a Mexican lady who becomes a shipping queen in the south of Spain. It was good. Written by a Spaniard.
It really made me think about drugs and gangs and Mexico and all that.
Then I got to start on a little gem that Bethany sent to me. :)
The Omnivore's dilemna.
This one is good ...very good.

However it will make you want to not eat pork anymore unless it comes from that lady who sells it at the Saxapahaw farmer's market--or someone like her.

I will say more later...i am off to change a diaper and investigate the dangerous thing that Victor has. He has taken to draggin chairs around the house to access all areas and do whatever he wants. ;).

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Bethany said...

Yay - you like the book! Yuck - that bug sounds awful... that is miserable. Yes, my pork comsuption went waaaaay down after that. :) And conventional beef... chicken... wow. I think it was a real eye-opener that I had been avoiding. Continue to enjoy & we will talk about it I am sure! Be well, Hill house, be well...