Monday, January 12, 2009


Ahhhh....What a great weekend!
Yay, Yay, Yay...and so on.
We went to Burlington to stay with our friends Shannon and Joel and Carter.
They were in the process of building a house when we left, and we got to stay in the new house!! :)
The house is bright purple and built in the style of an old farm house with porches and tin roof etc.
Inside it felt like a loft/mountain cabin.
It is so cool and cute--I don't even have words to describe it.
I don't have pictures either b/c I forgot the camera! ha!

They also run this home off of solar power, which when produced in excess gets sold back to D^ke Po^^er. Cool, no?
They have a little gadget on the wall to indicate what is going on with the power situation.
The heat comes up from the floor from pipes that have hot water in them.

This is just a bad a$$ house. Now, it took a lot of planning. If I tried to list all of the special things about the house--I would forget some.
But, I will say that with Shannon's excellent cooking and Joel's stone/wood fired pizza oven...we felt like we were at some kind of retreat.

It was wonderful to visit with Betsy and her husband Wayne who is great! I love my Bets. She used to console me after my anger management breakdowns at work. HA! She would also remind me weekly that she was sure I had ADD. :) So cute and funny, Betsy.

Also exciting: Getting some new shoes. I have been wearing the same pair to work since Elena was a baby! My feet were hurting.
Going memory chasing--seeing our beloved house in Graham...ahhh and our sweet, cute house in Durham...ahhhh...
(the ladies that bought the Graham house are apparently lovers of big dogs--which I hope bark all the time b/c the SOB that lives beside them is an SOB :).

Two other very important visits:
Abue and Sandra and Nano y todos alla. Ay que gente bien sweet! WE visited a while, saw all the babies hugged talked. Les hecho de menos un monton!
Chet y Jennifer. We love you too! We were so excited to see their new home--Lyla and Shawn's former house.
So, we went to see them and all these memories came rushing back--of partying my crazy a$$ off con lyla on this little front porch...good lord--the wine that we drank..awww!

It was just a great visit. Something that we will do more often. Time slips away, and before you know it you have been in the pueblo for seven months sin visitar a nadie, sin ver a un edificio grande, sin ir de compras, sin comer sushi, sin visitar a los queridos amigos.
Next, it is their turn to visit us. :)

We got home yesterday in the evening at 5:30. Perfect timing. BAthed the babies and off to bed--but not before Victor vomited and had to have his entire crib re-dressed. He is getting better--ay que stomach bug.


Bethany said...

That is great. Sounded very refreshing to spend time w/ your pals, and walking down memory lane :) And nothing beats new shoes!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

That does sound like a great weekend, I miss that backyard we used to hang out in when you lived at the house in Durham...those were the good ol' days....
What kind of shoes did ya get??????