Thursday, January 8, 2009

UB commentary

After having taken a break from watching U.B, I returned to my favorite show tonight for the first time in ---ohhh...8 weeks?
Well turns out I had not missed a thing.
UB had just started at the magazine editor training tonight, when I left off she had just been accepted into the program.
I am thinking that her family is acting ridiculous.
It is true that no one will support you like your family will--but I think it is also true that other people you meet during your life might understand you better than your family.
for example, horseradish friend always understands my locura
Shannon always understands my deep thoughts (SNL style y'all)
Sissy understands my need to have someone say reasonable sh** when no one else will (they will just listen to my locura and not tell me that I am being a dumba$$. :)
Yes, my family will always support me.
In this case I do not think UB's fam. understands what she is going for.
When that girl took Betty's phone--i got so d!mn mad a b for being an idiot.

I guess that is all the commentary--it was good to get back to fantasy land (I had ditched UB for the end of the survivor season--sad but true)

Oh--and one more thing...after cleaning the rugs for the first time in 6 months--Victor came down with the throw ups today--and well, you sad.
Super clean rugs are just not meant for folks with toddlers anyway.
Okay--I am off to read others' blogs. :)
Have great weekends!


Bethany said...

:) That gullible UB! Life works best when we have different friends fill different needs - less exhausting for any one person... ;-) Gotta have that friends that will get in on a rant with you, the one that will cry with you - it takes a village.
It also takes a village to keep rugs clean in a house of young'uns. Murphy came to see you, huh.

Bethany said...

Want to hear about your weekend! And I see you fixed your header font - Que linda-