Monday, January 5, 2009

Partial makeover (Thanks Bethany!) y a funny

Okay this could be long, but it won't.
Thank you Bethany for helping me out with the do-over.
I am not sure it will stay this way. I am not liking the way the title looks--little, and i need some color at the top. I could not figure out headers.
But I will...
Now, here is the funny part.
This is an admission of something that Andy and I did recently.
First, you must know that we have always bought yard-sale stuff/gotten free stuff (from stuff other peoples' kids don't want)/not bought a lot. --Especially not the really great stuff that makes kids into brats--like trampolines, battery powered everythings to ride in the yard on (have y'all seen these in Toys r ^s?), do i need to go on?
So, when my sister and her children and husband came at Christmas lily walked in with a magical, shiny pink rectangle (I know this is what Elena was thinking) that had a game on it...hmm hmm AKA a nintendo d$. Elena fell in love!
Lily is a great big cousin so of course Elena was allowed to venture to the Barbie ranch as much as she liked.
So after they left E expressed her interest in acquiring a "game" --Andy and I tried to get her to want a cheaper, three-year old "game" like a le@pster.
No, she said, "I want a D$" NOt in a bratty way, as I do not tolerate much brattiness.
What do you think Andy and I did within two days of this request?
Of course, we took the cutie pie sweet thang to the video gamer store (where the most endearing nerdy guy worked) to buy her a shiny, pink magic rectangle! Damn, Y'all!
We bought a quarium game (aquarium) and now elena has set up two sea turtles in a nice living space and she watches them, she calls this her, "minja turtles movie"

After we bought this Andy and I both had BIG TIME buyer's remorse! Yikes we thought!
But no, I am learning that sometimes your child should get the shiny, pink magic rectangle--just b/c.

PS--I am the little girl who never got an easy-bake oven damn it! I know there are lots of us around. AND-RE: the video gamer store guy- I have a special place for nerds --now that i just read that Oscar book. AND, the parents are also enjoying the aquarium game (I bet andy is tending to the seahorses as we speak).


Bethany said...

Yay!!!! I love this look!!! I hope you can find a header that suits you just right. :)
Soul sister... we are on the "free" train too for kids stuff - I am impressed that you got the shiny pink magic! haha Cole is still asking for one...
That is so cool. E's happy face was worth it, huh.

Anonymous said...

Never got the Easy Bake either :9