Wednesday, February 18, 2009

commentary--the C!ty

Okay, so Whitney needs to stay the hell away from that socialite girl who is all in her business.
who the hell asks someone about their new boyfriend right out loud while they are eating supper?
and who the hell asks someone she just met about a new boyfriend?
why doesn't whitney just blow this socialite girl off?
this is from epidode one btw..
then, the socialite girl just looks completely jealous of whitney the whole time
also, all the men at the dinner party seemed gay to me...
yes. i am used to men who only get dressed up when they absolutely must. they would NEVER wear colone. Andy wears his clothes until i have to sneak and throw them away.
so, seeing prissy men, is ...different. they all also speak in a very feminine way.
is this a city thing?
or does the socialite girl just hang out with all gay men? (you aren't gonna get any that way sweetie)
Socialite girl also seems to be after Whitney's man...

Episode 2: well, when boys almost get into fights at bars...that is just a big turn off. yuck. so i am not thinking whitney's boy is too cute right now.

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Bethany said...

Haha - I think they are called "metrosexuals" these days... :) some city men are just that way, and yet not gay... Haven't seen the City yet, will have to check it out, on your glowing recommendation of the prissy men! ha!