Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reality MT>

Yes, I still like ONE reality tv show that comes on MT>. I was really happy when, all of a sudden, one day, The re@l world did not appeal to me anymore--I was getting a bit worried that I might never reach that milestone. That happened about three years ago.
The hi!!s? Liked it.
The C!ty? LOVE IT!
Remember, we don't have cable here. So when I got a sneak peak at this show on the internet I was bummed to realize that I would not be able to watch it.
The girl, Whitney, from the H!lls, is the star (is that what you call it?).
She has moved to NYC to pursue her fashion career, and she has fallen in love...ahhh...she is 20 or something....ahhh...
her boyfriend is do daggone cute--swoon...
So, this afternoon --on Andy's suggestion, I checked on hulu to see if I could watch this gem of a reality show on the internet, and wala! bam! YES I COULD!
There it was! I watched one episode immediately, now, I am off to watch another.
Now, Melissa, I am certainly not trying to tell you how to entertain youself...but this one seems like you would like it.
It is very fun to watch. :)

bueno...i am off to wh!tney world for 22 minutes.

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