Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Das me, mama"

This is what Victor says when he wants to be the character we are reading about or watching or playing with.
Tonight we were watching "mater and the ghostlight" it is a cartoon short on the C@rs dvd which he will watch vez tras vez.
He pointed to mightnin keen (lightning mCQUeen) and said, "das me, mama" and then when sally wheeled around beside of "mightnin" he said, "das you, mama"
awww....dat was soo sweet.
Elena is, and always has been such a Daddy's girl. Andy has always gotten that affection from her...
now, it's my turn.
Also: The thing Victor picks to say in Spanish? "ES mio!"--he is going on two you know, so EVERYTHING is his, or could easily become his when Elena is not looking.

on a grimmer note: I have finished my book! It did not last like I wanted it to! I started to read more and more chapters every night, and like sands through the hour glass, it slipped away...alas it is back to the library for me to try to find another worthy book...
If anyone who reads my blog likes to read hmm hmm Melissa :)
you need to get this book! It is on my book list. :)
Oh! my sister brought me another book--it has some flip flops and tropical drinkson the front, maybe I will go and start that one.

On baby news:
We are going on Thursday for the big ultrasound. The last time we had this done we were at Women's hospital in G-boro. This time we will be in the Dr.'s office here is WAshington. I am betting the experience will be different.
Now, I am not too into the drugs from dr.s but i love ultrasounds! :) I am hoping this one reveals good things.

That's it!


Melissa and Pete said...

whats the book??

Susan said...

Oh, sorry Melissa,
I just put it over on the list.

Bethany said...

That is SO sweet. :) We watch a lot of Mr. McQueen around here. GL finding another good book at the liberry. You just reminded me to find that green book list...