Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some things

Here is a Friday round (oh--darn it's only Thursday!) up of some things.
I cannot give a number, I'll know when I am done typing.

*I do not like the Opr@h $how. I actually figured this out a while ago--years.
For some reason every now and then I still turn it on. It seems like I always happen to catch re-runs.
Today's? Gwyn#th P@ltrow--one of my least favorite celebrities. Andy and i agree on this. She was going on and on about her night nanny and her day nanny, and her wonderful workout that keeps her body looking like a dancer's and her great musician rock star husband..and her show (which sucks btw) on PB$ in which she travels all over spain being--super-fabulous self. This show sucks a**, and I cannot stress it enough. Yes. I am jealous of her being able to do this show. I can promise that I would be better at it...she is so...cinder blockish?
Then the advertisement for tom...a show featuring hero!n addicts--a whole family of em --well besides their BABY! apparently this is a huge problem in some places where hero!n is cheaper and easier to get than oxycontin...oh, that's why, i get it!
wth, ms. O? do I want to come home from work and watch that depressing shit?

*This week has been bad for me for meetings. People do not show up,and I do not have the patient receptionist gene/personality trait to put up with re-making appt. times that I have set up. I ALWAYS accomodate the parent. Then, others do not show up. WTF? Technically it is illegal in some ways to have the meeting anyway, but guess who ignores this?--ME! I cannot stand to have to re-do things, or ask people to come back b/c i cannot find such and such or the teacher has strep throat!! (I really like this teacher by the way, and i was sympathetic) Yesterday the asst. principal had to administer a fire drill. When did they pick to do it? RIGHT WHEN MY PARENT SHOWED UP FOR A DAMN MEETING! ;).

*i am going to start bribing my problem children with candy. this is something that i have never done. i believe children should just find reward in doing their work. intrinsic value..where is your treat? well you just made it my friend --a glitter heart! don't you love it?
but this week, in contemplating some of the behaviors--i have decided that one of my students will only respond to candy.

*today i went to elena's school to do her valentine's day party. fun! i discovered that all this time her teacher has been calling her eleena--ahhhh!!! but you know that my child has not corrected her. one of my friends told me that her little girl was coming home calling elena , "eleena" and we were wondering I know.
should i have picked the 'mercan" way to spell her name? does anyone know it?

*I guess that is all....after I typed all of this I realized that tomorrow is friday, not today.:) Happy friday tom. :)

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Bethany said...

Oh no, just when I was having a very warm fuzzy week for Gwyneth's hubby! :) But yeah, she gives me no warm fuzzies at all. Her hub? Fun. And candy rewards work wonders when glitter oddly fails. I got glitter votive holders today from the girls - woohoo - hot pink everywhere!
E's name is beautiful. Geez. Beaufort county style? Not so pretty...