Monday, February 9, 2009


This year, in my new job, I am lucky enough to be working with one of my cousins across the sidewalk. She is my peer buddy (b/c I am new), and she answers all my questions about EC stuff (Exceptional children) in my county etc.
She is my Daddy's first cousin from his Daddy's side. Her mama was a Pilgreen before she got married. She is younger than my Daddy but she remembers him from when she was little.
So the other day I told her that one night my Daddy and I found on the internet our family tree traced back to the Revolutionary war and the lady's name who had done all the research.
She apparently got excited, and went home to check it out.
Today she brought it in printed out and we looked at it and talked about all of my Grandaddy's siblings (I never knew my Grandaddy).
My Grandaddy was notoriously mean and I asked her if her Mama was...
We talked about a car wreck that happened in which one of my Daddy's uncles got killed and my Grandaddy was driving the car.
She knew about that. Her Daddy's brother was also in the car.
Next we are going to find an old cemetery.
One reason this is all so cool is that before my DAddy and I found this, he knew nothing much about his family history.
He told me that they wrote down all the births in a bible and that it had gotten burned up in a house fire (I guess there were court records too?)
Anyway this lady in Greenville who is somehow related to me has found all of this information.
My cousin/co-worker and I had a great conversation about it today. :)

The one mystery is --before the revolutionary war..where did these Pilgreens come from.
I have told people before that I think my rednecks just crawled up, out of the dirt in Eastern NC (in a science fiction sort of way)--b/c we have no boat records. These people were more than likely mostly illiterate-- I do not think they were journaling. I would be willing to bet that they came into a port in Wilmington--but that is speculation.

Of course, we talked about all of this too. :)

It is cool to be working with a cousin.
Now, I am off to find that website again. The first time my daddy and I looked at it the lady had all of the family updated--up until my sister and me.
Now, I can never find that part.

Update: Found it! ;). My sister and I are listed as "living" under the children of my Daddy.
BUT, I printed out all of the information as far back as four generations before my daddy.
The one guy--the first one--was Enoch Pilgreen, he is listed as being born in Pitt county in 1795--but his father was unknown. His mother was listed--

Whatever. I will take this in tomorrow and we will continue to dig....

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Bethany said...

Genealogy is so cool. Finding out about ancestors... visiting cemeteries... very exciting. Too weird that you mentioned coming over on boats/boat records... I am working on a post about that! ooohhhh bloggy ESP... SHare what you find out - I'ma history nut. Enoch is a family name that you should resurrect. :)