Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Book

The new book I am reading is called The Po!sonwood B!ble by B@rbara K!ngsolver.
It is so good so far!
She is just an excellent author.
It is about the Baptist Family who goes to Africa to convert the natives.
They have four daughters.
One of the daughters does not speak--she has complications from being a twin.
BUT she reads and writes and is very smart.
She also likes Palindromes, and B@rbara K!ngsolver has written some excellent ones in the book.
Palindromes are words or sentences that are read the same whether they are read backwards or forwards. HAH! is one.
This book is huge and I am trying to read it one chapter at the time.
So, I should be able to enjoy it for a while.
(Usually I become obsessed with whatever I am reading and ignore everyone and everything until I have finished it.)
B@rbara K!ngsolver is the best!


A Beautiful Mess said...

Great book!


Bethany said...

:) I admire your restraint in not devouring the book whole. It's a good one!