Friday, February 6, 2009

YAY Friday!

*Tamales were waiting at the babysitter's house when Andy picked the kids up.

*It was Cl!n!que Bonus time when I went to get make-up to replace my all gone B@re M!ner@ls--which I love. But Cl!nique had something that was comparable, and I was able to buy it at B$lk IN WASHINGTON! :)

*I actually/finally won something on EB@y. I guess there were no pregnant eb@y nerds after my size 12 levis..hee hee.
7.00 I paid for them. ;).

*The girl I wanted to win the contest on Seriou$ly so Blessed...won! check out her makeover. :) She looks good.

Flashback to last night:
While Andy and I decided to watch the news the children...

Played with a lipstick. We just let them b/c we wanted to watch the news.

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Bethany said...

That is the makings of a fine Friday. Ebay rocks! Lipstick fun... ooh, you're bold... mine always ends up decorating things other than faces. :) Have a great weekend...