Friday, February 27, 2009

There was one!

There was an episode of The City!
They went to Miami! God! I love Miami.
It is so sunny...
And warm, and the water is pretty.
This morning at work my head was in a fog.
I think I needed more coffee.
All I could think was, I wish I were one of those people who take the tropical resort vacation in the dead of winter.
That would be cool.
Once I babysat for a woman who took me to babysit her children when her family took the tropical dead of winter vacation.
It was --wonderful.
We had some kind of rum and coconut milk drink on the beach..
We went parasailing over glassy water...
Shit y'all!--It might snow AGAIN here on Monday!
Okay I am off to read some chick lit. book.
If I were a responsible blogger, I would post some cool Miami picture here.
But, no. I'm too tired.
hee hee

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Bethany said...

This time of year the dream of sun & beach hits hard... cabin fever, sick of being sick, you hit a lucky babysitting job! I only got to go to Duck NC :) Miami is one of a kind.