Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cozy Day

I think this is going to be the coziest day so far in our house.
It is raining like crazy and it is dark outside and it is cold.
We are just going to stay here all day. :)
Victor is taking a monster nap.
Elena and Andy are eating Wendy's food.
I am listening to the rain.

Last night Andy and I watched the netflix movie I got about 2 months ago and have avoided watching b/c I knew it would put me into the throws of contemplation.
It is called, "Born into Br0thels".
It is a documentary, and it ended up being not as depressing as I thought b/c instead of dwelling on the fact that these children were born into terrible circumstances the lady doing her research or whatever tried to help the children.
The children took a photography class with her and she tried to figure out the Indian beauracracy to get them into schools etc.
That part was good. Seeing how people, "live in complete filth worse than animals" (this is how one of the children described it) as evidence he photographed some nasty old shoes lying beside the pile of dishes to be washed--this was truly depressing and really hard to understand.
It was heartbreaking. can imagine the hell i caught from Andy about this choice. :) --we have TOTALLY different movie taste.
:) One time I ACCIDENTALLY picked out a soviet produced movie about Cuba from the 70s or so...--Yikes! We just cut it off. ;)--but you never know until you try.
We take turns with netfl!x.
This is the last depressing one I will get. I think we will get nem0 next.

Have a great cozy day! Bethany, I think y'all are going to get some ice or snow there...


Bethany said...

We did! Oh the delighted kids...
Yeah, documentaries are touch and go here too. Rick & I like the same sorts of mainstream movies, but he cannot stand foreign films. He has a hard time understanding accents & hates to read text while enjoying a movie. :)
Movies like yours can be just depressing, or redeeming, in that sometimes you just can't complain about anything for a while after seeing that kind of life. Did u see the High Cost of Low Prices? Ack, everyone American ought to see that, I think...

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Susan. Just got your letter. You are such a sweetie!!!! I will cash the check and get it to Wesley , that is so nice of you guys! I love and miss you guys!!

Susan said...


That is so funny! That is exactly what andy subtitles, no listening to foreign language. He did, however, like goya's ghosts..that was a good movie.