Monday, March 23, 2009


Here is another attempt to post this video.
I will explain later...V. wants to watch "cas"

Let's see if this works...y'all watch it is good!

Explanation: This song is about a heart. "This is the story of a heart.."
The woman who sings in the song is named Elena and she is famous in Spain? I guess?
Jarabe de P@lo songs...I have put those up here before...but I love this one.
It is a fun one to holler sing while I am driving.
The clapping etc. in this song is really good to me...It is Sevillana music. :)
Hola Isabel y David, aun estais leyendo?

bueno..Andy has to use the computer.

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Bethany said...

This one is my fave so far. I even caught a few phrases!
Muy bueno, profesor... ;)