Monday, March 23, 2009

"case of the mondays"

I just published this with just a title! :)
I guess I am a bit more spacey than I thought I would be.
There will be pictures on the blog again soon...this is a promise.
Mixed media is always nice.
The other day I was going to put up a song, but you!bu3 would not do right.
This weekend was nice.
We played and played.
Saturday we went to TWO birthday parties.
Both were great.
AT one my cousin dressed up like Barn3y! It was completely cute.
He was a good sport, and his two year old little boy was in love--so was E!
She was mesmerized.
Then we went to an oasis in the swamp called, "deadwood"
I guess someone wanted to recreate the wild west in the middle of no where.
It is the coolest place! There is a giant playground, putt-putt, a small rollercoaster, a train to ride, a giant fake waterfountain with the bluest water you have ever seen (hmm hmm??).
Kids LOVE IT! Victor was thrilled to ride on a train. :)
It was also a totally laid back place. The people who own it have basically no rules as far as what you can bring/can't bring etc. You can go out there and grill all your own food, bring all your own drinks etc.-even though they sell that stuff there.
We had the best that was a really good birthday party idea, that I will have to remember. :)
Sunday we hung out at Andy's mama's house b/c his sister and her little boy were in town for a couple days.
B. and the V man are the same age, so they have fun playing beside one another.

I guess that is all for now....just ramblin!

Oh the title of this is from the movie Off!ce sp@ce. If you have never seen this movie, you need to see it! This is probably my funniest movie. :)

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Bethany said...

Blast from the past - I have been to deadwood! Whoa... forgot about that joint. We went for dinner, before kids. What a wacky place at night - like a cowboy movie set. B-day parties can go either way... so it's good you had fun at both :)