Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today instead of my usual seeing children for therapy all day, I got to go to a class! :)
This is actually a good one.
Also, I get to have a lunch break--the real kind. So instead of staring at the beige cinder blocks while I went into a trance and ate a hot p0cket, I got to go to Elena's preschool and see her, and then we went to the library and checked out her artwork that is on display there. While I was at the library I checked out another B. K!ngs0lver book. This is so exciting.
I just don't want to read it too fast. :)
The other book I just finished was sooooo....hmm...well, it was nice for putting me to sleep at night, after three pages.
There were tropical drinks and sand on the cover, so I thought..hey a book about a vacation, why not? --plus my sister sent it to me. :)

pues, Andy is watching basketball. I will always equate March madness with having a baby, since I had two right in the middle of the madness.
Elena started t-ball tonight. When she and Andy got home she was sooo excited! He said they just divided into little groups and ran around and practiced throwing the ball some.
This chica has no knowledge of such things, as I was never involved in a team sport, besides the years I sat the bench on the volleyball team so that I could at least appear to be involved on paper when I applied to college. I always thought it was nuts that people would dive knees first onto the floor after a ball...AND my arms were too weak to overhand serve the ball. (pitiful, no?) I always thought, as a I sat the bench, how nice it would be to be a professional bench sitter--like for the NBA or something and get all that money for just sitting there. HA! I would be good at it. I was a good bench sitter.

Have a great weekend!

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Bethany said...

The makings of a good day! Always fun to depart from the ordinary. And clearly you eat too many hot pockets, lol. :) I'm on board w/ pro-bench-sitting too - especially if volleyball is involved. Brutal, brutal sport!