Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Four years ago today...

I was almost in labor with E. Vamos if there is such a thing as almost in labor. :)
My doctor's appt that morning resulted in me having my "membranes stripp3d" and taking castor oil--2oz with 7up and some Easter cookies--Then, I went shopping, as I shopped I took detours into the bathrooms--castor oil, folks.
I bought a cute little Gue$$ outfit from Ro$$ for a girl (I did not know she was a girl, but I wanted her to be). :)
So, I hung out all day in la la land...in that 40 wks pregnant sorta way.
Then Andy came home from work and we ordered pizza. Boy, was her nervous!
We watched basketball (UNC won the NCAA title that year) and I wondered the whole time whether I was in labor or not...I was having contractions.
We sat and sat.
At about 10 oclock I knew I was in labor because I got scared--in the animal instinct sorta way.
Sooooo....we went to the hospital.
Things that amazed me that day:
How happy a person can feel who knows there is impending pain, major PAIN!! I was truly blissful. :)
How reliant I was on Andy to be my rock and to help me not be scared--and how good he was at it.
How WONDERFUL nurses are!!! God Bless them all!!

E. was born the next day-after two and a half long hours of pushing and not one drop of any pain medication at all. :)

The foto is of her when she was about nine months old.
We'll see how it turns out I rerieved it from w@lgr33ns.
Our newborn ones are not on this computer.

What a special day! Today, four years later, we are going to make a beautiful "princess nay nays cake" It is in the shape of a butterfly, it will have care bear candies and purple sprinkles on it.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Happy birthday sweet elena!!! I want to see pics of the cookies! Love and miss y'all...we have to make plans to meet up this summer! I can't believe she is four!!!!!!

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday to your princess... I love birthing stories :) there is absolutely such a thing as "almost in labor" - it is the calm (apprehension) before the storm! This was a joy to read - to relive those moments makes the miracle all over again. And gives me the shivers thinking of 2+ pushing hrs after a night of labor ;-) You roar, girl.