Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

**Andy got home last night after four days of being gone--He left on Tuesday.
This was wonderful--b/c I missed him so bad that yesterday morning I cried. This out of town work trip reinforced our idea that he should not be a travelin dad.

**The **official** story is that the Easter Bunny could not find their Easter Baskets last night and he just left the stuff out by the shed. That explains why I had to scramble this morning, go in the attic, get a basket, and go outside to get all their stuff together that my Daddy had put into my car last night. ;). I guess that means the Easter bunny is grandaddy? This makes me picture my daddy in a bunny suit--which is hilarious (esp. if you have seen my daddy).
Last night I was just too tired to go outside and even get stuff out of the car or even look for a vessel to put candy in! I told Elena--I thought I heard him hopping around out there last night leaving stuff...I just had to go and round it up.
My children are not going to have very high expectations of our imaginary gift givers.

**Now we are going to get ready to go to church. I have to go and round up the those are not outside in the shed. ;). Andy is making pancakes (his are the best in the world). And he is making coffee for everyone --he is better at it. :)

**Now we are all sitting around pigging out on candy. It is all yummy stuff, as I have banned the cute, toy candy that is all made in China. All we have is the hershey's etc. that is made here in the US.

This afternoon we are leaving to go to the beach until Thursday! YAY!

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Bethany said...

Hey busy blogger! I am so stealing that line "he's better at it" :) And thuhmbs up about nbot being a traveling dad, that is too hard. If we had any other option...
I totally think the easter bunny finks out and leaves stuff by the shed sometimes. On the ground. Especially when he has a few too many easter drinks the night before, and forgets to hide candy. Oops. Which is not your case I know! but our easter bunny, well, he is a slacker some years. :)