Saturday, April 11, 2009

noticias de espanya!


maria mailed my mama a great letter.
She is coming over to drink coffee and share it with me.
Things have been going on over there across the pond.
Maria's father died. He was so sweet. When I was there he brought us a "romanito" every morning. :) (A small loaf of wheat bread)
He had a gruff deep voice y he always came in when we were eating, it seemed.
He would say, "que aprovecheis"--a good person to be a teacher of sevillana spanish! :)
David is getting married!! Felicidades. :)
bueno, y the big news!!
Maria y Isabel are going to come for a visit next April!!
How cool is this?
We have been waiting for this for a long time--we had to wait for ole GW to get out of office first. ;).
Not kidding on that one.

Today it is sooo rainy here.
We are going to clean out stuff.
I am going to clean out the baby closet (armoir) and then I am going to find Victor an old dresser that I can paint my favorite color blue.
No painting today, just planting.

In other news, one of my favorite people of all time is moving back to NC!! AND he and his wife are having a baby.
He is my herb man. :)
Now, we can visit from time to time, at least. Maybe he and his family will stay put for a while. :).

The picture above is of a Virgen in Semana Santa. the celebration of holy week there is like stepping back in time. It was very impressive to this country methodist girl, let me just tell you. The men dress up in Nazarenyo outfits (looks like something from the 50s here that would have been covering a really racist dude--if you catch my drift), and then they all take out their virgenes y their jesuses and take them around on parade was quite interesting.
Maria and Isabel will come during this celebration.

Bueno pues--have a good weekend!

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