Thursday, April 9, 2009

The pets I would have...

If I were one to venture into exotic pets there are two I would have.
I am at work right now, so I might not have time to post about both, but I will put a picture of one of them up here.
I love chameleons! One time Andy and I went to this nerd fest and we had to identify species of animals--this was in high school.
Well, one guy had a live chameleon...
Okay, now I can add more.

The chameleon was sooooo cute. The picture above is exactly the kind it was. We cannot really have one, though, b/c they are picky and they die easily in captivity, so I will let them be.
The other pet is a peach faced lovebird.
I have wanted a bird for a long time. The problem with birds as pets, according to my friend Morgan, is that they tweet.
She said she had one one time and all she wanted it to do was be quiet. We used to have Luna, and Luna would have either eaten the bird outright, or tormented it to death. Now my obstacle would be --Andy--he would hate to have a bird.
So no birds at our house. :)
I guess if you live somewhere warm you could just have bird and leave it outside on the porch or something and enjoy it when you are outside.

I'm off to a meeting! :)--I went to this meeting and it threw my whole day off. :)
Now, I am just waiting for the day to be finished! por dios! Let me go home!!!
Have a great day.

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