Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eggs and Bunnies

We had a blast at an easter egg hunt today!
victor did not quite know what to do, but Elena caught on quickly and was picking up the eggs.
Then, up pulls a guy with bunnies!
All of the children were in heaven. :)
He set up a little chicken wire fence and we all hung out with the bunnies hopping around.
He was the husband of the lady who was my calculus teacher. :)

Thanks Ms. Gayle and Bethany!

Now, Bethany, my bloggy buddy is on her way to my house to drink some tea.
Oh, how I wish we could split a bottle of wine, and have buzzes...but alas, we cannot.

I will have pictures as soon as Bethany sends them to me. --no camera.

I'm off to have some tea! :)

**Oh, and that last post really did end up making sense at all no?

One more thing, Elizabeth hassawhatever (the girl on the v!ew) always has babies at the same time as me...what is going on here?

Bueno, bye

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Bethany said...

Ack! I can't load pics to send, b/c my laptop has decided to not work! Give me a few days... :) you'll be at the beach anyway!I'm so glad ya'll could come over, and that we got to hang out a bit.. ;)