Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visitors!, clarify (edit)

Shannon, Joel, and Carter just pulled out of the driveway!
WE had the best weekend visiting with them.
WE got to go rambling around Washington.
Andy and Joel got to take three children under five to the golf course--and they had a blast (this, was lucky of course--they knew it was a gamble when they left).
Shopped downtown a bit.
Ate Bill's hot dogs.
Watched basketball.
We played outside.
Shannon got "sugied"
You should have seen her eyes when Sugie was finished...
Our out--given by Shannon, of course, --Uhhh...Susan, "Do you want me to go and check those potatoes?"
Followed by, "Um..I think I really need to check them Shannon, and All the kids need to go in and get washed up so we can eat."
It was not just me....
Shannon and Joel have all the pictures of the weekends on their...hmm hmm...I phones! HA.
And on to the "natural" part. Our visitors this weekend were natural, what does this mean, you might ask yourself.
Well, apparently "natural" can mean anything you want it to. Some other folks we know has some babies this weekend. They reported that the twins were born "naturally".
For example, when people say, "the twins were born naturally" Do they mean:
1. the twins were born, naturally (as in they can't stay in there forever)
2. the twins were born naturally (as in they came out of a vagina?)
3. the twins were born naturally, (as in there were not meds involved)
My question:
Who the hell cares that someone add an adverb, especially one that means nothing..
Couldn't you just say, "the twins were born"
Hell a c-section is even "natural" if you want it to be--I mean unless it is performed by aliens, I guess...
Is the word "natural" on food labels even fooling anyone anymore?
Who the hell cares.
Sh*t is natural, but I don't want to eat any.
Cocain3 is natural...but I don't want any...
the list goes on.
So rock on with your "natural" childbirthing of means nothing.
I am glad they are HEALTHY
and the mom is doing well..
Isn't it wonderful to have Natural friends? What does this say about Shannon and JOel? Well, it can mean anything you decide for it to. How about that?--just like with the birthing thing.
I think I have had too much coffee...

**I realized,when I read this again, that unless you know me well, and could almost hear me talking this, that this post was a bit whacky and disjointed, and might not make sense. The twins thing was a completely separate thing than the friends coming to visit. get it?


Anonymous said...

you crack me up -your friend got shugied

you are so fun! I hope you can come by Terrell this summer!

Anonymous said...

Now Im confused..were your friends natrual that came to visit? Who are their twins?

Susan said...

Okay, the friends who came are not the ones with twins. :)
I would never post like that and criticize my friends like that--
The twins thing was un-related, really. I was just trying to show that the word "Natural" has really come to mean nothing.

Bethany said...

Haha - I'm with you. What is up with the addition of that one word? It means 2 things, which both mean "I rock the birthing bidness." Right? ;-) Well. As every mother knows/should know, it's not about the mom anymore, once the babies come its all about them. Oops too much coffee for me, too? See you SOON!!!