Tuesday, April 21, 2009


mother nature is sometimes more than i can take.
we had the cutest little bird's nest out in the bush in front of our house.
we could look out the window and watch the mama bird.
well, not really, b/c I wondered why in the hell a bird would put a nest in the wimpiest bush and so low down, but then i thought, well certainly she checked this area out first, no?
well, this morning when i got up to check on her --looked out the window--I would tell something was amiss.
she is gone.
there is something funny lying atop what was the mama bird.
tomorrow i will investigate and take pictures.
I wanted to give it some time in case she was just on a little break or something.
it looks like she checked out.
I always get excited about stuff like this, and then get let down. remember the caterpillars anyone? i would link back but i am too lazy to figure that out right now.
mother nature is brutal.
and remember, when choosing a nest...
location, location, location!!!

it is amazing to me that we even have any birds.


Bethany said...

Isaiah & I were just talking about this - he was watching a nest of eggs in a windowbox. Next thing - a huge black snake with a full belly. Yikes. Brutal is right. I do remember the caterpillars, from last year... :) My kids are always shocked at how death comes so easily in nature, when we are just trying to share something neat with them!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

You crack my a*& up and YES, I do remember the caterpillars. We need talk soon so I can give you more info on my job :)
Love ya!!!