Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To the Dr.

We went to the Dr. here in town for the first time today.
Lest ye think that it is a little medical tent--this is a big office that treats children from all of the rural counties around--I think five of them.
Headache! :)
BUT, we had an appt. so no sweat.
We got there at 3:50 and we left at 5:30. They did both check-ups at the same time.
It was like a three-ring circus.
Both children had to have their fingers pricked and then get the blood drawn.
They both just stared in amazement....oooohhhh....I just told them how cool it looked etc.
Then they had to get weighed measured etc. & Victor HATED this part.
Elena had to pee in the cup for the first time--she was a champ! :)
Then we met the Dr.--she was fine with me.
Then I picked the shots I would let them get.
They wanted to give Elena FIVE SHOTS! I said no.
She turned FOUR and they wanted to give her the shots she needs before entering KINDERGARTEN. Mama said no thanks.
I also declined the MMR and chicken pox ones for Victor--until he is 3 or 4 I am thinking.
No one gave me any flack about it. --This was a relief. I have had looooonnnnggg talks with a couple docs about this issue, and I don't budge too much.
I pushed them out of my vagina. I have to raise them. I am the mama bear, and I think that 1 in 500,000 odds is waayyyyy better than 1 in 155 odds.
I also think that all these damn shots are a bit over the top.
Have y'all read the info sheets on the shots...they say things like "this shot is safe, but call the CDC immediately if your kid starts acting totally fuc!ed up or has a seizure or anything after they get a shot.....ughhh what are the people at the CDC gonna do to fix my damn kid???
Furthermore, why did they make an hpv vaccine for GIRLS ONLY? The guys are the ones with the dirty dipsticks!!!
Now, I don't have to worry about his yet--but I choose to anyway.
Did they even allow humans with penises to be in the clinical trials--or only little (9-12 yr old) putas were allowed?
So I left there with two prescriptions for antibiotics--they both had infected ears???apparently???--this is odd to me. I am not sure what to do. If I had not been going in for an appt. I would never have even taken them in over the ear thing. I had not signs or symptoms. Is that wierd to y'all?
Oh, and our Dr. in Durham was sooooo good. He totally humored my pickiness and would go through the history of vaccines with me anytime I took my children there.
What a dream....ahhh..b/c then I could make an informed decision.
I ditched the young business suit chica like a shitty diaper, after our first visit to our former clinic.

Okay now I need to calm down and go drink some water! Chew some ice...


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Bethany said...

Yeah, weird about the ear thing - especially since you hadn't noticed anything. Vaccines are such a worry. Now, mine had to get the Hep A shot, b/c they are high risk since we live in an urban area. Um. Right. And all the others - b/c even preschool here is strict about being current. They need to have another option other than "religious reasons" for not doing it. Maybe the mama bear option? :) You did the right thing. You have to feel content with your own decision. Sheesh, doen this even count as a "comment" anymore?! ;-)