Wednesday, April 1, 2009

picture this...

Another story about a friend:
Sandra's brother (I used to work with Sandra, and pass countless hours hiding out in her office talking about everything under the sun), C, is married to a woman, A who came into the US illegally, in whatever year--it has been eight years or so.
When she came here she worked in a factory and met Cesar. They got married.
They now have two children. E and V played with her daughter, Chayito, since they were babies at Abue's house, so I saw A every day for a while (she is shy, so she never talked to me a lot)
A. just had a baby not even a year ago. C & A have a nice house, cars, jobs, kids, school, family etc.
A. submitted her petition to get papers--greencard, visa--whatever would make her status here legal, a while ago, and her appt. has come up...
So, she might get to just come back home, or she might have to go back to where she is from in Mexico (where the main crop is poppies)--hmm hmm for as long as someone decides she should.
Where will her kids stay...hmmm???...her husband is a US citizen and so are her children.
What will she do there?

The consulate (office where one solicits legal paperwork that has to do with residence in countries etc) is in Juarez. Anyone heard about Juarez in the news lately? It's a dangerous place.

Bueno, Can you picture that? Harrowing no? Now pray, or send her some positive vibes or whatever it is that you do ...b/c I just think this is an unthinkable situation.

Melissa: My mama read that after 72 years, Guiding L!ght has been cancelled.
I would feel sad and sentimental, but when they made R3va pregnant in the storyline last summer, i just got so disgusted with that (un)creative decision, that i really don't care if it is cancelled. that was an idiotic decision. she is bound to be 62 and in real human years that is like 82...even cloning reva was more acceptable than that! :)


Anonymous said...

I JUST found out this as I was reading your blog..aghhh! Even though it's not as good anymore, I like having Reva, Josh, Phillip, Billy, Vanessa around!!! Bunkerella!

Bethany said...

Update us on A's citizen situation... :)