Friday, April 3, 2009

Moo Moos and other stuff

I am sporting the Friday moo moo today, y'all and it is hilarious!
It is so ugly, and it has a pancake syrup stain on the belly--
I have worn it every Friday for three weeks...embarrassing, almost--but it takes ALOT to embarrass me.
I think my smile detracts from the pancake syrup stain. :)
Update on A: She is headed back to Nayarit Mexico with her one year old-citizen of the US--baby.
Nope--no sympathy for the sweet mama.
Yuck. People suck sometimes.

Apparently I am really good at changing sheets!
This morning I was talking to Andy about where our company should sleep this weekend and we decided to change all the sheets incase they would rather have our bed.
Guess who is "better at changing sheets".
ME! :)
Andy and I always use this one.. for example, he is "better" at taking out the trash.
Sort of cute, you get to flatter someone about their clean up skills and get out of doing a chore at the same time.
I did go into how it is hard to move around the giant bunk bed monstrosity when I can barely move....soo...Andy might have them changed when I get home. :)
My fingers are crossed...The only part he does not know how to do is the corners on the flat sheet...and I am so big, I don't care. :)


The Spinellis said...

You should get one of those ponchos like Ugly Betty has that says Guandalarhjara or something like that :). FUN!

Sorry about your friend. BUNK!

Yeah Pete would always say But you're so pretty to get out of anything. He was so cute :(.

Sorry about your neighbor, you crack me up and sound like me with the calling. LOL.

Bethany said...

Who is your company! The complimentary chore remark is so much nicer than our usual dig and jab... Today Rick asked when I (shock!) took the recycling out. I said I didn't. The Leprachaun did. Have fun -