Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This morning at five oclock I woke up.
Why is our insurance going from not so great (better than nothing) to crappy?
How bad are things that the state is taking back money from our salaries?
Have they already spent all the money that they are bragging about from the "education lottery" --that they paid someone money to design an advertisement for?--that commercial is a real gem.
What am I going to do next year when I have to pump milk three times a day?
How am I going to see all my children in four days?
Pondering just getting was five oclock.
How much money does the head of BCBS make?--Would he give it all back but let's say 30,000 dollars of it--to help fix the state's little budget problem?
Getting anxious.
Getting up.
Then the day started, and things worked themselves out, the way they do.
I will pump milk in the file room.
It was suggested that I could save all my milk up during the day (in my breasts?) and just pump it at night....this person obviously fed her baby formula. ;).
We will work out the seeing of the children next year--when that is an issue.
Who cares about 15 dollars?

My mama bought me some new underwear at the Hanes outlet! yippie.
My daddy painted a dresser for Victor--the one that was mine growing up. the color is called summer cottage, and it is gorgeous!
We had supper cooked when I got home--thanks to my mama!
The little ceramic things my children painted were ready and sitting on my bed when i got home...yippie!

The day got better. I hope the worrier does not come back tonight.
Have y'all read that book? It is a children's book by Rosemary Wells and Felix is visited by the worrier at night...a little guy that climbs in the window.
Elena did not like that one too much. It is a cute book though. Felix and the Worrier, I think it is called.
Well, the worrier was certainly with me this morning in the wee hours.

Good night... :)

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Bethany said...

That is the way isn't it. Worry in the dark hours. But that is also the way, how you wrote it - mark down the worry, and end with the up side. :) If you decide to take that advice, about storing your milk all day, let me know - circus size! heehee